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Teeth Whitening in Jacksonville, FL

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest ways to improve your appearance. Professional teeth bleaching can remove years of stains and discoloration to brighten your teeth and enhance your smile. It’s one of the easiest and most affordable methods of cosmetic dentistry.

Our team at Advanced Dental Care of Florida provides two types of teeth whitening to help you achieve a gorgeous, bright smile. One you can do right in our office and it takes about an hour. The other is a take-home product that you wear for about 15 minutes a day for ten days.

Both can be very effective in whitening your teeth, especially when applied after a teeth cleaning. A professional teeth cleaning will remove any food particles and bacteria that can contribute to tooth stains. Call us today at (904) 638-7181 to schedule your cleaning and teeth whitening appointment in Mandarin.

What Is Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening?

If you want to see immediate results, ask us about Opalescence Boost. Our dental professionals can apply the teeth whitening treatment right in our Jacksonville office. It’s perfect for people who want to see a difference quickly.

Opalescence Boost’s whitening gel contains professional-strength hydrogen peroxide as well as potassium nitrate and fluoride, which help maintain the health of the tooth enamel during the whitening process. Research has shown potassium nitrate and fluoride can help decrease the likelihood of cavities, minimize tooth sensitivity, and increase enamel hardness.

The in-office teeth whitening procedure is comfortable, easy, and effective. Best of all, Opalescence Boost takes less than an hour. Imagine having a beautiful, bright smile before your next important event. Many people choose Boost before job interviews, speaking engagements, weddings, parties, and dates.

The benefits of Opalescence Boost include:

  • Applied in the dental office by a dental professional
  • Comfortable, safe, and effective teeth whitening process
  • Takes less than an hour
  • Immediately see a difference in the color of your teeth

Call our office in Mandarin today at (904) 638-7181 to schedule Opalescence Boost and see the difference yourself.

Whiten Your Teeth at Home with Opalescence Go®

If you prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home, ask us about Opalescence Go. Opalescence Go is a professional-strength teeth whitening product that is only available from dentists.

Opalescence Go is perfect for people on-the-go. As the name implies, it’s very convenient. You don’t have to get impressions made or wait for custom trays to be created. Instead, it’s ready to use right out of the package.

Opalescence Go contains comfortable trays that are pre-filled with the bleaching material. You simply bite gently into the tray, suck down to secure the gel against your teeth, and remove the colored outer tray. The safe, effective whitening ingredients won’t leak on to your gums or cause sensitivity.

Opalescence Go comes in different strengths. Most people prefer the 15% concentration of hydrogen peroxide because you only need to wear the whitening trays for 15 to 20 minutes a day. You typically wear the trays for the recommended amount of time for 10 days.

It’s an easy way to whiten your teeth in less than two weeks.

What Causes Tooth Stains?

To understand what causes tooth stains, it helps to understand the anatomy of a tooth. The hard outer layer is called the enamel, and the middle layer is called the dentin. The color of your teeth is created by the reflection of light off the enamel and the color of the dentin beneath.

Every one’s teeth are different. Your genetic make-up determines the thickness and smoothness of the enamel of your teeth. If the enamel is thin, it allows the color of the dentin under the enamel to show through. As we age, the enamel tends to thin out, and the dentin tends to get darker.

Did you know that tooth enamel is porous? That allows a variety of food, beverages, and other materials to soak into the enamel and affect its color.

The most common reasons for tooth stains are:

  • Smoking and tobacco products
  • Drinking dark-colored beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, and soda
  • Not brushing or flossing daily
  • Age
  • Some types of medications

Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and drinking water will all help wash away stain-causing food and beverages.

Why Should I Whiten Teeth Before Getting Crowns or Bridges?

If you are getting a crown made, the dentist will match the color of the artificial tooth to your natural teeth. That’s why our team at Advanced Dental Care of Florida recommends you whiten your natural teeth first.

Teeth whitening products do not work on ceramic or porcelain crowns, bridges, dentures, or veneers. The shade of the artificial tooth will remain the same. If the artificial tooth has been color-matched to the non-whitened natural teeth, then it will look darker than the rest of your teeth after you get the natural teeth whitened.

Call Today to Schedule a Teeth Whitening Appointment

Teeth whitening in Mandarin is a fast, effective and affordable way to improve your smile. Call us today at (904) 638-7181 to schedule a time for you to come in to get your teeth whitened.

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Friendly staff . Eased my dental anxiety. I will return
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I have been going to Dr. Eber for about 3 years. The technicians are great, Dr. Eber is great. Quality of work is good, people are friendly and fun. 5 stars out of 5. A great dentist and staff.
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Best dentist office in mandarin. Staff and Dr Eber are the best.
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Staff members are very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They tell you exactly what you need done. They check with your insurance to see how much they cover and how much you need to pay.
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I love this dentist and the employees!
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The staff and Dr. are super friendly and fun.
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Excellent staff and doctor. Everyone is so pleasant, friendly and truly care. Great customer service!
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Dr. Eber and his staff go out of their way for the patients. He’s the best dentist I’ve had–and at 61, I’ve had many dentists. He has the best staff as well. Seeing the same staff there year […]
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